Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What My Business Is About

What my business is about: My purpose of my business is to get awareness out that crafts bring people together in harmony and love. I believe it helps others to bring about creativity in each other, and promotes a sense of learning from one another. In my business I sell crochet items, such as scarf's, afghans, lap throws, frilly centerpieces, and much more. I also make and sell jewelry, along with natural bath products. Such as essential lavender oil, sweet orange oil, and citrinella oil soap and bath salts. My next product will be a soap that helps with allergies and colds, plus a soap that helps with mosquito bites. I'm also an author as well. Things are rather slow, but that's what hard work is for. It causes you to think outside the box, and be more tough to push through and make changes to proceed on. God is my CEO, and to ensure you that your business becomes bountiful, always pray and ask the Lord for direction and ideas-He'll give it to you. He is a God of wisdom and He'll help your business and what ever you decide to do in life be prosperous. Until next time we'll talk about getting started with the basics of owning a business.
Treasure Ann
P.S. I also do craft workshop, it's fun and exciting.

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